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Trying to find serenity in the midst of chaos!

Now that various evening classes have finished for the summer, I intended to use this time to write. So much for the best laid plans of mice, men, and this baby crone! I'm not making excuses. I have a good reason. My house is in chaos, and as of today, this is likely to continue beyond the original plan of three weeks. Let me fill you in on history. I promise it will be short.
After many years of discussion, hubby and I finally decided to take the plunge and have bits of the house remodelled. The kitchen was always too small and not well planned. The dining room was more of a temporary laundry drying room than a place to eat, except for occasional Sunday lunches and Christmas holidays. What a waste of valuable space. We don't have a utility room either, which, considering the size of the house, is extremely unusual, never mind annoying. Our solution was to build a utility room in some dead space next to the kitchen, and to knock the wall between the kitchen and dining room, making one lovely big space, looking out to our back garden.
I had a ball choosing the kitchen and working with the design team on the layout. 3D graphics programs are so much fun to play with, showing you a virtual walk-through of your new space. Chatting with friends, we soon found ourselves a great building team to bring our vision to life. Work started very punctually last week, at 8am Monday morning. I can't begin to describe the satisfaction I felt when the old kitchen was ripped out. Such a shame it was short-lived.
As soon as the team started to remove the old flooring, a hidden menace was revealed. It appears we have had a long-standing slow leak hiding under the underlay. It has sneaked through into the entrance hall, wreaking havoc with the concrete underneath. Aaargh! In that moment, my calmness and serenity vanished. Moments later, I was on the phone to our house insurance company retelling our tale of woe. I take my hat off to the lovely man who took my call. His calming, reassuring voice soon stopped my palpitations and cooled a mega-hot flush.
Fast-forward to today. We have a huge drier/dehumidifier in the hall, running 24/7 to suck up the moisture. The noise is getting on my nerves. There is no escaping the continuous drone. Every so often, it performs some little mini-cycle where it pumps water from the collection pipe into the sink. It seems to do this more often during the night. I swear my night sweats are partying with this machine, determined to deprive me of as much sleep as possible.
The only part of my home where I cannot hear anything except birdsong is at the bottom of the garden. I may not find any fairies there, but I hope to find some serenity, and maybe even a little sleep.
Roll on next month, when, with positive thinking and a little luck, the kitchen will be fitted, the dehumidifier will be gone, and I can sit in the new room, in peace, and write.

5 thoughts on “Trying to find serenity in the midst of chaos!”

  1. You remind me of us when we spent 6mths renovating our entire house in France, by ourselves… only to move out a year later to come to Germany! Good luck and maybe start meditating to block out the noise! LOL!

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  2. huge drier/dehumidifier – yes, the apartment we are currently residing had a leak above our front door! (weirdest thing) – it was actually the above neighbor’s balcony not sealed properly. Anyway – the water leaked down near through the top of our door, to the light socket by our front door – now it was a safety hazard – so they opened up the wall and had one of those huge suckers going night and day. It didn’t just suck up moisture from the wall and carpet – but all of the air – and both my son and I have asthma and dry air plugs our noses and we get post nasal-drip and cough. So this monstrous thing suck the moisture out of the entire area! My son’s chronic cough started up with a vengeance – so we had to run a humidifier in his room and mine day and night!

    So, I feel your pain. And It is ridiculously LOUD.


    1. These things seem to be able to suck the life out of the air, as well as the leaked water. I’m hoping ours will be switched off by the end of this coming week. If not, I’m pitching a tent at the bottom of the garden!!


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