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Things Can Only Get Better…

What happened to my loving, playful puppy? She’s just turned 7 months old this week and it’s as if someone has flipped a switch in her head, turning her into a grumpy, sullen teenager with a bad attitude. No longer will pup respond to commands as she used to. She will respond, if and when she feels like it, giving me a look as she does so. I’ve seen that look before from my human kids.

When we take her for a walk and let her off the leash to play, she used to come back when called, especially if I had a super-tasty treat in hand. Not anymore. She’d rather chase bees, wasps, fluff, and leaves than come back for food. Fancy that! A Labrador more interested in stuff than food.

Last week she has excelled herself, leaving a trail of destruction and dog hair in her wake. Hubby’s gardening crocs have been ragged to death. Two mugs have been stolen and smashed on the patio. Maybe she didn’t like them. I used to have a pair of crimson glass candle holders. Not anymore. And as for my garden wildlife, puppy is targeting it too. My beautiful lilac Buddleia (butterfly bush) is being stripped of it flower clusters, the remains strewn across the grass. Even the grass hasn’t escaped pup’s attention. She found another bumblebee nest and has attempted to excavate it. Fortunately for the bees, I caught her in the act and have repaired the damage.

As I write, the perpetrator of these crimes is stretched out at my feet, snoring her head off, paws twitching. I can’t help but wonder what she’s planning for this week. It’s like having a teenaged toddler in the house. We have to move everything out of reach where possible and we’re running out of hiding places. Is it a coincidence that the song playing on the radio is D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better? Let’s hope they do.

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