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Day 1: Breaking the Age Cage

Day 1

What a great start! A sleepless night due mostly to unusually warm weather (for the UK) and a bunch of night sweats that partied on through the wee small hours. What seemed like minutes later, the alarm sounded. Instead of reaching for my iPad and catching up on social media, I grabbed my journal and read todays affirmation and prayer.

“I am eternally youthful and vibrant.”

“Divine beloved (substitute your own deity as required), please change me into someone who is completely free of the Age Cage.”

I repeated the affirmation over and over while stretching my hands, fingers, feet, and toes. Doing these stretches before I get up helps me reduce the ‘hobble’ time after getting out of bed. It gets the joints warmed up for action.

Between being sleep-deprived, work, and the To-Do list left by hubby (thanks for that, dearest!) I was already struggling to achieve anything close to goddesshood. A fortunate turn of events (craftsmen now coming later this week to fit our new laundry room) resulted in the To-Do list shortening, with extra time to do what needs to be done (mostly painting).

On with breaking the age cage. Some of the suggestions for today include stepping away from things that are labelled ‘age-appropriate’, ranging from hairstyles and clothing, all the way to activities and internal thoughts. The following phrases are now banished from my list.

  • Having a senior moment
  • I’m too old to wear… too old to do…etc

I’m sure you can think of more age-related things to ban. Anyway, having thought about it, I am ready for a change of hairstyle. I have a few ideas for cut and colour to discuss with my hairdresser next week. That should keep both of us happy. I’ve also rearranged my wardrobe to give more prominence to things I was thinking of handing in to charity shops as I might be too old for them. Hell no! I like them so they’re staying.

The other part of the days challenge was to find a role model and read about them. That was an easy task. My mind jumped to Dame Helen Mirren. Like a great wine, she has continued to improve. She looks amazing and is not afraid to speak her truth. She does not subscribe to growing old gracefully. Neither do I. I’d rather have my kids wondering what I’m going to get up to next! This is one of my favourite Helen quotes –

“You can’t control how other people see you. But you have to be comfortable with that.”

After months of seeing my lovely psychologist, I can wholeheartedly agree with this.

My last ‘To-Do’ for the day was not directly connected to the Ageless Goddess 14 day plan, but involved helping a fellow meno-sister. She is starting a new business this week and wanted to know how to set up a Facebook page for it. I said I would help as I’d already stumbled my way around making my own page. Armed with gin and tonic, and my own internal dictionary of marketing words, we giggled our way through the set-up process. Two hours later, her page was live and ready for launch day. What a great way to end day one.

Day two is entitled “Experience the power of pleasure”. This could change the face of workdays forever!

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