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Day 3: Empower my inner healer

Day 3

Affirmation – “My body is powered by divine radiant substance and divine love. I am flourishing now.”

Today’s prayer –

“Divine Beloved (you know you can substitute your own deity here?), please change me into someone who totally trusts my body and all the messages she gives me about how she wants to be treated.”

Today is the last day of the meteorological summer. Goodness how time flies. Again I woke after a rotten night. This time is was a face-off between the night sweats and my son playing a game, while on a conference call with all his mates. By 3:00am, I threatened to break his Wi-Fi dongle if I heard one more peep out of him. Double harrumph!!

Today’s ageless goddess activities focus on finding a balance between action and rest, and making a pretty box in which to place any worries and irritations. Well as I am sleep-deprived and in the office today, I am all about the sitting down and resting, except for when my Apple Watch reminds me to get up and move my butt. I don’t smoke, but I do use the time my smoking colleagues take, to go outside and walk around in the fresh air. During these breaks, I repeat today’s affirmation and try to find signs of radiance and flourishment.

The suggested restful activities included yoga, mindfulness meditation and candle-lit baths. The chances of me finding the time today for any of this are remote. That’s the biggest issue I have with this program so far. The working day gets in the way. As I have a new evening class (beginners dance) to attend this evening, I will look on this as a 2 hour de-stress. It’s years since I’ve had dance lessons, and hubby hasn’t had any at all, unless you count the compulsory dance lessons at primary school. Who knows, it may just turn out to be the distress we both need.

And have I been able to construct my pretty worry box? Of course not. The stationery cupboard at work is not equipped with the necessary supplies. I guess I will do this another day. The idea of the box is to write down any niggles and worries and put them in the box, my own personal room 101. That way I don’t have to carry them around in my head.

I do have a chance at the last task – meditation before sleeping. I can’t do this in the office. It’s open plan and the atmosphere is usually a sinkhole of negativity. There have been days when I bring protective crystals with me and hide in the loos to perform my very own “shields up” ceremony, to keep me safe from emotion vampires. As luck would have it, today the vampires are on holiday.

Now that we are at the end of day three, I can report that dance classes, while not restful, are so much fun. Hubby and I giggled our way through two hours, during which, we learned how to do the White City Waltz. Neither of us can wait for next week. As a bonus, I need (yes, need) to go shoe shopping… dance shoes needed.

To summarize the day, I still haven’t managed to find the balance between action and rest/restorative activities. It’s a work in progress!

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