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Day 4: Understand and implement the causes of health

Today’s affirmation is –

“Divine love is now magnified throughout my body, mind, and spirit. I release all my problems to the creator. I am alive with energy and radiant with glowing health.”

Today’s prayer is –

“May I be healed with Divine Love according to the creator’s will.”

Activities suggested for today included working out the pelvic floor, getting plenty of sleep, and examining my body by candle-light, sending love and appreciation to every bit of it. For those parts in need of some care, organise the care they need.

It was an interesting start to the day. As soon as I opened my work files it was apparent that my entire file was home to technical gremlins. The cheeky blighters have broken everything to the point where I have to concede defeat, and start all over again.

Now in a bit of a mood, I decided to write it out of myself. I found a quiet space, and started to free write. Hubby came looking for me, puzzled as to why I was furiously scribbling in my journal. He decided I needed to make a cake instead. I have to say, I felt even more prickly. Was he implying my need to write was less important than his need for cake. How very dare he! All this annoyance is not exactly conducive to good health. Neither is cake. But then he’d told all our building team that I was about make a cake for them. Talk about being strong-armed into it. Mindful of my current mood, I took a deep breath, blessed the ingredients, and blessed the builders, and baked one of the best lemon Madeira cakes I’ve ever made. I even got caught licking the mixing beater once the cake was in the oven. Maybe I should bake my way out of bad moods in future.

So, trying to get back on track with the goddess plan, I realised that the candle-lit body check would need to be put on hold until I get the house to myself. I don’t want to have to is one to anyone else. As an alternative , I meditated and sent love to every bit of me, and then went to see my chiropractor for a check over. She tested everything from top to toe and all is working well except for super-tight calf muscles. They are the cause of my foot pain. More exercises and yoga stretching recommended.

The pelvic floor activity is an easy one for me as I had a 6 week course earlier this year to retrain my core and floor. No more oops moments for me. I can do quite a few of the exercises on the sly. Nobody knows I’m doing them. I refuse to buy incontinence pads. Just because something is common, does not make it normal. With the correct physio, it is possible to regain control. I can run, jump, sneeze, and boogie with confidence, after years of having to brace myself for every sneeze.

After such an intense day, I’m hoping to complete the last activity by sleeping through the night. Here’s hoping my son keeps quiet!!

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