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Day 6: Be sexy and sensual

Day 6

Today’s affirmation –

“I am Aphrodite – I am a goddess of divine pleasure, beauty, and passion. And I am irresistible.”

Today’s prayer –

“Divine Beloved, please change me into someone who owns and enjoys her own beauty and sensuality.”

How on earth do I write up this day for a blog post? Do I put out a warning – NSFW, Warning – adult content, or just brazen it out? Maybe I should do both. Oh heck, this is harder to write than yesterday’s post on feelings. That said, this is a very important topic for women of all ages, never mind us peri- and post-menopausal girlies. Our changing hormone profile has such a huge impact on our pelvic health and sexual response. I recall telling my psychologist that I was turning into a dried-up old prune. She was rightly horrified at this. Little did I know at the time, that what I think affects my own reality. Fortunately I found another book to help me through the roller-coaster ride of perimenopause. Susun Weed’s “New Menopausal Years, The Wise Woman Way” is a treasure trove of natural remedies accompanied by stories from a character called “Grandmother Growth”. The stories are narrated so well, I can almost hear her kindly voice in my head. To me Grandmother Growth sounds like the actress, Linda Hunt (Hetty Lange from NCIS Los Angeles, Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas).

Anyhow… I digress. I am obviously trying hard not to write up today’s activities. C’mon girlie, get a blooming grip!!

So back to the mission in hand, channeling my inner Aphrodite. As soon as I was awake, I read through today’s affirmations and prayers and stretched out my sleepy muscles. Not another soul was awake in the house. Shrugging my shoulders, I made a split-second decision to return to bed and hug my sleeping hubby. I lay there, all warm and snuggly, concentrating on sending as much love and energy towards my pelvic bowl as instructed by today’s activities. Without going into too much detail, I am pleased to report that everything is in good working order. Actually better than good working order, which just goes to show how much of our response is actually centered around our mental state. Setting your head up for positive outcomes really does affect the actual outcome.

I spent the rest of the day being a total kitchen goddess. Chicken, ham and leek pie and a poppy-seed bloomer loaf filled my kitchen with seductive scents. Preparing them was a pleasure in itself. How much fun is it, kneading bread dough? The more love and energy you put into kneading, the better the bread. And you can add in some lower body exercise to balance things up. I hula-hooped my way round the kitchen while I prepared everything. I used up a bunch of calories in the process as my Apple watch informed me I’d hit my target for the day by lunchtime.

After an epic day of DIY, hubby needed very little persuasion to take a bath. We’re lucky, our bath is big enough for two and has enough ledges to hold lots of candles. Ok, so it’s taken me most of the week to have a candle-lit bath, but better late than never. Candles, wine, hubby, and a nice hot bath is definitely a winning combination. My inner Aphrodite had a very pleasant end to her day!

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