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Day 9: Move joyously and sensuously

Today’s affirmation –

“My body was designed to move and stretch and feel strong, flexible, and alive. I love the feeling.”

Today’s prayer –

“Divine Beloved, change me into someone who enjoys moving in my body. Help me find ways to move my body throughout the day, in ways that build my strength and vitality.”

Moving joyously and sensuously in the office is likely to fast-track me to unemployment! This might be a tough one today. I sneaked in a few yoga stretches in the canteen when nobody was looking, steering clear of any move that could be remotely interpreted as ‘sensual’.

On the way home, I stopped in at the DIY store for yet more paint. I swear we must have bought the equivalent of a large garden pond in paint! While there, I was tempted to sashay down the brushes aisle and rhumba along the cable tie section (Mr Grey might approve!) but was thwarted by a sudden influx of customers. Where did they all come from? One minute I had the store to myself, the next, DIYers everywhere! The best I could manage was a spin round on a bar stool while I waited for my paint to be mixed.

Once home, I thought I’d try the whole sensuous thing again. Aha! Too many builders! In the end , I opted to walk the pup along a route I don’t usually walk, and have a little boogie to myself. Puppy is a willing participant in nonsense, making her the ideal partner.

I attempt to waltz round the kitchen while the evening meal was cooking but had to stop due to health and safety reasons! Never mind. Tomorrow night is dance class night. I’ll boogie my butt off then, or at least make an attempt to waltz with hubby.

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