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Day 13: Affirm my goddess nature

Day 13

Today’s affirmation –

“I deserve pleasure and joy. I am ageless, strong, and powerful. I relish great health. I am an ageless goddess, an expression o f the creative, divine life force.”

Today’s prayer –

“Divine Beloved, please change me into someone who feels ageless. Allow me to feel the Eternal Source within me.”

So the suggestion for today is to repeat any activity from the previous days. Well I’m not stopping at just the one. I’ll have a go at repeating as many as I can.

At the begining of the day, I looked after my soul by taking her to church. I’ve not been for weeks due to the chaos at home and having to complete our tasks in time for the next steps for our building team. It was lovely to sit still, quietly contemplating all the upheavals of the previous weeks. Peace and quiet have been in short supply recently but the end results are worth it. Apart from the dust. Dust seems to have crept everywhere… it’s such a pleasant change to sit down without having to clean the seat first.

Afterwards, I enjoyed the pleasure of retail therapy – for shoes. These shoes were not an indulgence, they were necessary. A three night trip to Rome with the family next week means I will be walking for miles in the heat. I need good shock-absorbing shoes. I find just the right pair, in a lovely colour, and at the right price too. For added indulgence, I stop at a well known coffee shop for a Pumpkin-Spiced Latte. Bliss.

Later in the day, the Autumnal weather played havoc with my idea of chilling out on the deck and practicing yoga. Not to miss an opportunity for fun, my daughter and I fire up the old X-Box and dig out a Lego game. What a giggle we have, just having some simple fun.

I do love the darker nights, they are a blessing for us candle lovers. Turning the electric lights down low and lighting load of candles is so soothing. What a fabulous way to end the day.

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