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Day 14: Align with Divine Order

Day 14

Today’s affirmation –

“Divine order is in charge of my life. I now turn my life overt to Divine Order, knowing that the perfect solution to every situation in my life has already been chosen.”

Today’s prayer –

“Divine Beloved, please change me into someone who trusts that what’s meant for me will always come, in exactly the right way and at exactly the right time for my highest good.”

In summary, today is about having faith, putting my trust in the intangible, to trust. In my case, this also falls into the category “Work in Progress”. I find it hard to trust that the universe has my best interests in hand. However, when I do have courage to trust, amazing things happen.

Earlier this year hubby and I were struggling to find a builder with a good reputation, who would take on our project. When I changed my mindset and began to affirm that we would find one, a good friend of mine managed to fix up a meeting with the best builder in the area… and the rest is history. Oh, and lots of dust! I’m still damp dusting twice a day!

In order to finance part of our project, we needed to secure a loan. I don’t earn nearly as much as hubby but I ended up securing the loan we needed on my own. And I got a better rate of interest than he did!

Our kitchen designer came up with some of the most inspired suggestions to add space and flexibility to our new room.

A hitherto undiscovered leak was detected early in the build and fixed before a huge amount of damage was done.

And so it goes on. I guess the lesson for me is to trust my intuition and to have faith – go with my gut. At the moment my gut is telling me I have more work to do with my inner child. She needs reassurance that all is well, and she needs to learn how to let old crap go. The old ways do not work anymore. Time for new beginnings.

As part of learning to trust my own intuition, I now have a rose quartz pendulum, which seems to be uncannily accurate. I haven’t the slightest idea how it works but it’s not been wrong yet. To keep the pendulum company, I have a bag of crystals in all colours of the rainbow. To charge them up, some seem to like moonbaths, some sunbaths, and others like to be buried in the soil. I just need to remember where I buried them and find them before my pup does.

Do you know what? I actually don’t care how my pendulum and crystals work. I trust them to do their thing. They don’t need much more from me than trust and faith.

So here I am at the end of the 14 day program, and coincidentally, at the end of my current journal, my book of shadows. I feel a shift in my confidence and laughter seems to be close to hand, closer than usual. Do I think it has worked? Only time will tell. But I can tell you this much now, I am going to repeat as many of the ideas as often as I can, and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy being an ageless goddess.

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