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The weird things that go through your mind when walking the puppy

Today puppy and I were blessed with a lovely early autumn day for our lunchtime walk. There wasn’t a soul around, just us. Puppy was busy investigating hedgerows for birds and anything else that might entertain her as I squelched along. It had rained last night, so the tractor wheel tracks were filled with water, the tread marks lovely and soft. Squelch is such a great word to describe the sound and feel of wellies in mud. I laughed at pup and I, as we created tracks in the soft, warm mud. I should mention that pup is normally golden, but by now was sporting a very fashionable ombré look. Moments later, my laughter turned to a shriek of surprise. I found a hole in my welly, the more runny mud, oozing through it. And there’s another great word – shriek. It pretty much sums up my surprised sound.

So now I’m walking through the field, one welly squelching, and one welly with a soggy foot inside. Nice. The wind picked up as we neared the woods, rustling the leaves, reminding me of my favourite word, susurration. You can play with this word. Whisper it or make the “s” more sibilant (oh, I like this word too). To round off my musings on words, here’s a good one. Discombobulation! That’s how the foot in the leaky weekly felt!

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