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Friday Evening Potion Class

One of the best things about Fridays is when the clock strikes 5pm. There’s nothing better than the Friday evening potion class.

There’s always one common ingredient to the evening potion, gin.

I’ve been a GnT girl for many a year. Before the explosion of craft gin distilleries, I was limited to Gordon’s and Schweppes. If I was really pushing the boat out, I might add a lemon to pep it up. But that was then.

This evening, well 4:55 to be precise, as I started to lay out everything I would need for tonight’s libation, I realised how different the 5pm GnT is today. The ingredients on my worktop resembled those found in Professor Snape’s stores. Whilst eye of newt, lacewing flies, and shredded boomslang skin are missing (quite right too, poor newts) I had little jars of coriander seeds, dried juniper berries, dried rose petals, lemon slices, craft gin, and specialist tonic (sorry Schweppes. Yours is so last century) all laid out in a row.

A pinch of each dry ingredient, a slice of lemon, (that’s what this gin needs. I use different fruits for different gins) a measure of gin, all diluted to perfection with tonic water, and I have the perfect Friday potion. If you tot up all the fruits and botanicals in this one glass, essentially you have a liquid salad.

What better way of getting your daily fruit intake?

Cheers and wishing you all a fun-filled weekend!

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