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New beginnings – Daily Greatness Journal and Angel Oracle Cards

As a brand new crone I feel it is time to make a new start on something I started last year. I was gifted this beautifully designed yoga journal for my fiftieth birthday. I made a start to filling out all the sections but quickly got annoyed with it. What an odd thing to feel about a journal. But yes, I was annoyed. It almost felt as if it was holding me to account for every last destabilise in my life. As I was still seeing my psychologist on a weekly basis to have those deep conversations, the journal had turned into more of a nag than a help.

Armed with a full bottle of tippex, I have revisited the Life Plan section, changed what needed to be changed, while keeping things that are still relevant to my life today. I think this exercise sparked some creativity. Observing myself creating my Friday evening drink was the source for that day’s post on potion making. My humble gin and tonic is practically a ritual, resplendent in diverse ingredients. What fun.

I have a number of life things I would like to address through using this journal. In no particular order, here are some of them –

  • Help balance work and play
  • Prioritise writing time – make good use of the nice leather bound journal from hubby
  • More yoga and mindfulness
  • Get some regular exercise time scheduled
  • Trust my intuition and angelic guidance – hence the oracle cards

I’ll let you know how it goes. So far, I’ve run out of time for exercise, but at least the pup got a fun walk through the mud. I suppose the post-walk bath and rub down might count as exercise. Pup is not particularly willing to have mud removed and requires chasing round the garden before being hosed down.

Wishing you all a fun Monday ❤️

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