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One-liner Wednesday – Broken controls

Thanks to the menopause, my body thermostat has two settings…







the fires of hell…


or hypothermic!

As we are now into Autumn here in the UK, dressing for the weather, the office, and the commute is a little more challenging than usual. Normally I would stick to layering. However, at the moment our weather has such a huge temperature swings (a bit like me!) between day and night, that I start the day with more layers than an onion!

I may have to re-layer if some sadist is in control of the office air-conditioning. We thermostatically-challenged ladies are not taken into consideration when it comes to the office climate controls. I may have to wage war by turning on my desk fan at top speed, taking strategic aim, and watching as the paperwork takes flight.

Today’s One Liner Wednesday comes to you via Linda G Hill’s prompt.

One Liner Wednesday

6 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday – Broken controls”

  1. I don’t feel your pain, but I’m the guy that interacts with the building management, so I get these complaints. Just as I tell the women here, I wish I could help.


  2. It’s crazy what an individual thing this is. I used to get really irritated in my “freezing” office, until I had a personal power surge. Winter is coming. I hope that helps.


    1. Temperature control in an office to suit everyone is impossible . Although the thermometer shows a nice comfortable reading, there are cold spots in the room, directly under each vent. It just so happens that my desk is under one of them. The person with the control is a younger female who believes there’s no such thing as a hot flush/flash… it’s in the mind. Good luck to her when perimenopause visits!

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