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My conscious life blueprint – Social and Fun


This section of my Daily Greatness Yoga Journal was fun to complete. I love the first question –

“How can I have more fun?” Easy, win the lottery and stop working. Mind you that would involve me remembering to actually buy a ticket. Meanwhile, back in the real world, I’d like to spend more time on the ‘nice to do’ activities instead of always focussing on the ‘need to do’ stuff. The answer is to consciously plan my week and month, making sure to plan in some fun things to do every week.

The next question asked what new hobby or sport could I start? I used to enjoy dancing as a youngster, and am usually glued to the television on Saturday nights at this point in the year, watching Strictly Come Dancing. I want to learn to dance waltzes, Foxtrot, tangos, etc with hubby. As luck would have it, I saw an advert for dance classes for beginners, teaching sequence dancing.

I didn’t give hubby much of a chance to think about it before I rang up to enquire about joining. I was reassured that the attendees range from ‘experienced’ to ‘complete novices’. At least we fall into the category of ‘very rusty’ but have some experience of sequence dancing, thanks to compulsory Scottish Country Dance classes at school.

We were nervous but excited at the same time as we arrived for our first lesson. By the end of two hours we had met loads of lovely new people, giggled our way through our very first waltz and got sore feet. In the spirit of having more fun, I had to go shopping for new shoes – dancing shoes. The dance shop assistant was most helpful and grinned broadly when she asked what I wanted in a dance shoe and all I wanted was sparkles.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of silvery white shoes with a glittery top coat on the leather. The light glints off the glitter particles beautifully when I whirl around. They make me feel like I am a little girl playing dress-up in my favourite princess shoes. What could be more fun?

We now know three dances reasonably well. We are going to the club’s Christmas party, a black tie event, which means, of course, more retail therapy. After all, I will need a pretty dress to go with the shoes, preferably one with a skirt that swirls and swishes with every turn.

It looks like my fun mission is to be the little girl again, playing dress-up for real, and going to the ball, just like Cinderella. The main difference will be, I have no intention of being home before midnight, let alone leaving a shoe behind.


Happy Monday everyone!




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