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Friends and family

…friends being the family you choose for yourself.

So here I am, still working my way through my Daily Greatness journal, the section on family and friends. This sections asks some quite deep questions, similar to those I answered when I first sought help from my lovely psychologist. Most of my early consultations homed in on my early years with my parents and siblings, up to my own little family unit. The journal is no less probing.

One question, ‘do I have a relationship that needs mending?’ I started to answer ‘yes’ to. I was thinking of my mother at the time. In her mind, everything is awesome. She is an awesome mother. Nobody could say differently.

Except me and my siblings. We know the truth. So I changed my answer to this question. I can’t mend this one. It has cost me dearly over the years I’ve tried. Instead I am trying to accept that she is how she is, and change my expectations accordingly. It doesn’t do me any good to feel frustration, anger etc. She cannot change into the mother I need, so I will ‘mother’ myself by surrounding myself with great friends who accept me just as I am, and loving the little family unit I have, as best I can.

I hope this wasn’t too depressing for a Friday. It just goes to show, that no matter how ‘awesome’ things can appear, everyone is dealing with a life challenge of some sort.

Next week, the topics will be work & career, and money & finances. I’ll need to get my head in gear over the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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