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My life blueprint – Money and Finances

Groan! I generally go out of my way to avoid having to deal with finances, unless it involves a major DIY project. Then I’m all over the accounts with a fine-toothed comb. Completely the opposite to what happens with my personal finances and future planning. Within seconds of anyone trying to talk to me about pensions, investments etc, I feel my eyes glazing over and a little fluffy bunny starts to run around in my head, singing LaLaLa at the top of its cute voice.

I just don’t understand how pensions work. Never have, and at this rate, never will. However, this section of the blueprint demands to be completed so there’s no escape.  It starts of by asking if making money or making a difference more important. I’d like to do both, thank you, but making a difference is very important to me. I’m really good at what I do, but in terms of making a difference, like nurses do for patients, I just don’t see how my job makes a difference. You can tell this is a prickly subject for me, compounded by me being in a prickly/sad mood today.

What decisions to I need to make that  have been putting off? Do I stay with my present employer or look elsewhere? Do spend money on publicity for this site and my Facebook site? I don’t know. If I didn’t need a steady income to pay the bills and add to the pension pot (I now have an app that shows me everything I have saved up, in graph form) I would stop working yesterday and concentrate on getting better at writing.

Do I believe I deserve my money? Yes I do. I also believe that my company is getting an absolute bargain with my skill set. Maybe I need some courage to ask for a promotion! Am I scared they will say no? If I am honest the answer is yes, making my position untenable. Ho hum…. what to do? See, I think this is the thing I’ve been putting off the most. It makes me squirm, and I end up having a hot flush just writing about it. What would I be like face to face with the boss? A red-faced, sweaty mess springs to mind.

Argh! I am in a right grump with this section. The final question of the section asks if I ask enough questions about my financial situation. Well I do now. I have a very nice advisor who explains everything to me in ‘investments for Dummies’ style. He gets grilled over everything until I am sure I’ve got a handle on what’s going on. He keeps reminding me I need to be completely up to speed on my own so I don’t rely on my dear hubby all the time.

All I can say is thank God this blueprint thing is nearly completed. I just have the section on community and giving to complete. Phew!


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