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One-liner Wednesday – Notice the signs

How amazing that this quote popped up in my Pinterest feed this morning. It coincides beautifully with the Angel Oracle Card prompt for today’s One-liner Wednesday.

While taking my pup for her lunchtime walk I did just that. Stopped and looked around as far as the horizon, which is quite far where I am. Lucky me. In the distance, in the shelter of the hedgerows, I spotted a deer with a youngster. Fortunately, pup was distracted by birds at the other end of the field, leaving me in peace to stare into the eyes of the adult deer. I’ve no idea how long we gazed at each other. I got lost in those huge, soft eyes. It’s is not often I am rendered speechless; just ask my kids. However, dog walkies took on a whole new meaning today. We are all part of something bigger than we can possibly imagine.

And then pup noticed my lack of movement, turned tail, and galloped back to me, ears flapping in the wind, desperate to sniff the deer. Not a chance pup! You’re not remotely fast enough for that. With the disappearing deer running for cover, I was back on planet earth with a bump, and a very muddy pup.

Today’s One-liner Wednesday is brought to you by Linda G Hill.

4 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday – Notice the signs”

  1. I love this quote which I am sharing on FB etc. And the story is beautiful. Since my parents died, deer have staked a claim in their backyard in a suburban neighborhood. My daughter had a similar experience gazing into the eyes of a deer resting there just a couple of weeks ago. It was magic.

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