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Playing Cupid for myself!

Today’s prompt is the Angel Oracle Card “Cupid”, encouraging me to spontaneously celebrate love in all its glorious aspects. That’s easier said that done when the energiser bunny husband has the entire day/week planned down to the hour! Where is the spontaneity in that?

The additional meanings go on to encourage surrounding myself with romantic beauty such as roses and candles. I have to laugh as I type this. Autocorrect substituted roses with roasts! Hubby would be more than delighted to oblige with roasts, but not roses. He doesn’t have a thing against roses per se, just flowers in general. They are fine growing in the ground, but buying me flowers, unprompted? Such a thing has not occurred in many a long year.

Both kids have tackled him on this and his answer has always been –

“Your mother would think I’d been up to no good so why worry her.” I have to admire his consistency. He has stuck to that excuse for as long as the kids have been alive.

As the old saying goes, “If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself!” So I’d did. I bought myself a big bunch of red roses and some scented candles. The checkout assistant enquired if they were for someone special. I don’t think she was expecting my response.

“Yes, as a matter of fact they are for a very special person. Me!”

I paid my money and left her with a shocked look on her face. I must admit, I smirked all the way back to my car.

The pretty rosebuds are now luxuriating in a crystal rose bowl next to my new candles. The room smells heavenly. I’m hoping that this might kick start hubby into some spontaneous flower purchasing. If not, I’m tempted to order a bouquet from our local florist and have them delivered with a mysterious note attached!

Have a blessed weekend everyone x

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