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Snow fun with holey wellies!

There’s nothing quite so much fun as being the first person to walk across fresh fallen snow. A couple of inches fell yesterday, catching us Brits on the hop as usual. The panic caused by the sight of a few flakes meant that instead of my usual 40 minute drive home, it took more than 90 minutes.

I was frazzled by the time I got home, and it was too dark for me to take pup out into the fields. However, pup hadn’t missed out. My daughter had taken her out and videoed her getting to grips with snow and ice for the very first time. The jury is still out as to whether pup likes snow or not. My daughter had such a ball walking across untrodden snow, the sound of it squeaking under her wellies.

Fortunately it was my turn today. More snow fell overnight, covering yesterday’s tracks. If it had been a little deeper I would have laid down in it to make snow angels! I can imagine pup staring at me, puzzled, tilting her head the way dogs do when they are trying to work out what’s going on. Undeterred by the shallow snow, I decided to walk patterns into it instead. I was half way through drawing a big heart when I hit a hidden puddle! This would not normally have been a problem for anyone sporting decent wellies, but mine are a little worn in places, key places. I forgot I had a blooming big hole in the right welly and discovered a hidden one in the heel of the left welly. I suspect vigorous overuse of the boot jack to remove said wellies has caused the hole in lefty!

Hopefully Father Christmas will bring me a new pair for Christmas. I hope I’ve been well behaved to make it onto the nice list!

Have a fun weekend everyone xx

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