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One-liner Wednesday

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

That seems to be pup’s motto for today. Usually she treats me as her slave, showing little affection unless I have food to hand. Pretty much all day she has been a canine limpet. She even sneaked into the loo with me. I hadn’t heard her come in either! Just as well I’ve worked hard on my core and pelvic floor!

After work, I usually try to fit in a short yoga session. It’s great for de-stressing as well as stretching. Today’s session was all about the stretching. Not to be left out, pup copied me as I moved into Downward Dog. Clever puppy. Then, as I moved into seated cobbler, she rested her head on my leg and leaned her weight, as if to help me stretch further.

Aw! Cute puppy. And then she reverted to her true nature. The little furry git attempted to nip me in the delicates, while I was in bridge pose.

Tomorrow, pup can watch me from her crate!!!

Today’s One-liner Wednesday is brought to you by Linda G Hill. Pop over and have a look.

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