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Has anyone seen my mojo?

I had it when I woke up this morning.

It was still there at lunchtime when I drove to our nearby town to tick off a few items on my Christmas to-do list. I found a parking space right outside my first port of call, the local butcher. Amazingly there wasn’t a queue to place my order, nor was there a queue at the Post Office for parcel dispatch. The cherry on the top was walking next door to the shoe shop and finding perfect party shoes in my size, half price. My mojo was dancing a victory dance by now.

Returning to work and my inbox may have frightened poor mojo. That and fretting over my over-worked, stressed-to-the-max hubby. During the afternoon, the stress levels rose, joined hands with anxiety, and scared mojo into hiding.

Do you get days like that, out of the blue, no real reason behind it? Meh!

I know I won’t find it at the bottom of my gin and tonic, but it’s always worth a look!

Normal service will resume as soon as I work out what ‘normal’ is.

Have a wonderful weekend xx

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