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One-liner Wednesday – Who dares wins

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Here’s an update on a previous post in which I was feeling brave and bold – New Beginnings

To recap, just before I went on holiday for a week (in the last 5 minutes before I shut down my computer), I lobbed a work grenade at my boss, in the form of a request to have my job re-graded (up the way) and a salary to match.

Ever since then, every single day, I have affirmed to the universe in general, my pup, and myself, that I am worthy of this upgrade.

The law of attraction works! My vision is now reality. I had my annual appraisal this morning, hot flushed my way through the entire meeting, and ended on a huge high!

Wish granted! Both parts.

It’s not often I’m rendered speechless but it happened today. My family is grateful for the peace and quiet and I’m simply radiant with gratitude.

Today’s one-liner Wednesday comes to courtesy of Linda G Hill

One Liner Wednesday

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