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The importance of unplugging – #JusJoJan

As you know, I wished everyone a Merry Christmas just before the big ‘Ho Ho Ho’ and announced that I was unplugging for the holidays.

As a blogger, it would seem to be counterproductive… no blogging, no Facebooking, no tweeting. But actually, it was necessary to recharge my batteries.

I spend all day plugged in for work, and even when I’m not working, I seem to be plugged in. I decided that to get the best out of my holidays, I would unplug and live life to the full, making memories with my family while they are still around.

Cost-center 1 (aka daughter) will be going back to university in the next few days, and cost-center 2 (aka son) is planning an epic trip to the Far East with his girlfriend. Having fun with them and enjoying their company was more important to me than being plugged in.

Of course, I did have to break the rule occasionally to FaceTime absent family (my sis and her family are in New Zealand just now) and view their amazing photos.

As a result of being unplugged, I have a whole bunch of topics for future blogs.

Happy Friday everyone xx

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