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#JusJoJan… Thoughtful Thursday

How interesting that this post from Dr Perry’s site was at the top of my reader feed this morning, followed by the JusJoJan daily prompt. I had a rough idea what humiliation meant, but consulted the dictionary for confirmation.

The dictionary definition of humiliate is to make (someone) feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and pride.

As a daughter of a mother with narcissistic tendencies, I have been humiliated on numerous occasions. However, it is possible to recover from such abuse, coming back stronger than ever. My last face to face encounter with my mother did not result in the usual humiliation of the past (references to my weight, clothing, lifestyle, parenting etc). Armed with every coping strategy from my sessions with my lovely psychologist, I must have projected a “don’t even think about messing with me” aura. And she didn’t, nor has she ever since.

Wishing you all a thoroughly fabulous Thursday xx

#JusJoJan prompt comes from Linda G Hill and Jim Adams.


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