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Forging ahead with my fitness goals… #JusJoJan

… and if there’s any justice in this world, the scales will play nicely on weigh-in day this week.

I’ve been out running again, buoyed on by last week’s success, when I made it home in one piece and was able to move relatively painlessly the following day.

My couch-to-5k app was full of encouragement all the way through the training session. The only piece of technology which let me down, was my Apple Watch. Clearly unimpressed by my workout stats, it failed to register the session at all. I vividly remember starting the session, hearing it beep at every kilometre, and beep when I finished. It’s just not showing up on the list of sessions for today. 😩

I wonder if it’s sulking because I was using another app at the same time?

Happy, not blue, Monday everyone xx<<<<

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