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#JusJoJan – Oh no! Not again!

How timely is today’s prompt, “Revolt” – courtesy of What Sandra Thinks?

The first thing that sprang to mind when I read the word was my one year old golden lab. Normally she looks cute and is mostly odourless. Yesterday afternoon was a different story.

As usual, I took her out for her long walk at lunchtime. We are fortunate to be surrounded by miles and miles of empty fields, perfect for a lab to run off some steam. She will chase anything. Small birds, game birds, rabbit, deer, fluff, leaves, her own tail. You name it, she’ll chase it.

As soon as I let her off the lead she was off at full speed. We’d had some very wet weather overnight so there were puddles aplenty for splashing in. Now that I have new wellies I am more than happy to test the puddles. Pup, spurred on by my antics, wheeled round, and started to head back towards me. Suddenly she braked. Down went the head, tail wagging. And then she rolled. Oh buggrit! There’s only one thing I know of that will stop a Lab in mid-sprint and have them rolling, no, luxuriating on the ground. Fox poop!


Pup, now covered in the canine equivalent of Channel No’5, came arrowing back to me, determined to rub herself round my legs. The smell that assaulted my nostrils was, to be polite, pungent. The worst bit was clipping the lead back on her collar, now smeared in revolting, sticky poop.

Just as well I have a strong constitution and industrial quantities of dog shampoo!

Wishing you all a lovely Thursday xx

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3 thoughts on “#JusJoJan – Oh no! Not again!”

    1. Warm water, loads of dog shampoo applied to the pooped bits. 😷For more stubborn and sticky poop, I use washing up liquid to break up the mess, followed by dog shampoo🤢.
      Of course, she will probably make a bee-line for it when we walk next, unless another hapless canine has rolled in the remaining poop!😉


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