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Tartan-clad Knights – #JusJoJan

Leta Hawk’s prompt, “Knight” really got me thinking. First into my mind popped the Moody Blues and their Knights in White Satin. I used to love playing that on the school grand piano when nobody was around. Strictly between you and me, I shouldn’t have been anywhere near the piano, never mind giving stirring renditions of whatever I fancied. I couldn’t help it. The piano wanted to be played. I only got caught once… I was in the middle of a particularly good bit in Stairway to Heaven, and had no idea the head of music was standing behind me. Oops!

The next thing to pop into my head was Knights in shining armour and how thin on the ground chivalry seems to be these days. It is said that “manners maketh man”, but I’d include women in this too. Just being pleasant to each other makes life seem so much better.

And now that I’m home from doing my bit for Burns Suppers south of Hadrian’s Wall, I can say that in my little corner of the world, chivalry is very much alive. Normally I would have attended the Supper with hubby, and he, being the resident Scotsman, would have Addressed the Haggis. However, he is away on business this weekend so the task fell to me. This also meant I would be at a dance with no partner for the first time in my life!

To my delight, I had three kilted Knights making sure I was always in the dance floor, and one of them just happened to be our dance teacher so I was able to dance new dances without tripping over my feet or his. There’s a first time for everything!

I’m off to put my feet up for the rest of the day.

#JusJoJan is brought by Linda G Hill. The rules of engagement are on her page.

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