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Love is in the air…


…because we are finally into February and the shops here in the UK are filled with heart-shaped confection and cuddly items for Valentines Day.

My absent hubby finally returned from his travels this morning. Well just past midnight, so technically today. He was going for the ‘welcome home’ kiss when he arrived, but he was met with “A pinch and a punch for the first of the month”! He did eventually get the kiss, but it got me wondering why we say this at the beginning of every month, that and saying “white rabbits” three times in a row. Are these sayings British, or is the rest of the world just as batty as we are?

Here’s what I found on-line. I’ve no idea if the information is true.

President George Washington used to meet with local indigenous tribes once a month, where he would supply fruit punch with a pinch of salt, hence the pinch and punch.

Meanwhile, back in Ye Olde England, people were convinced that witches were evil. They believed that salt would make her weak, and a punch would banish her! Not nice. Why this was said and done on the first day of the month I couldn’t say. Nor could I find out the reason for saying white rabbits. We are quite a batty bunch here in the UK!

Do you lovely readers have anything weird you do or say at the beginning of every month?

Happy Friday Eve everyone xx




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