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Sort of empty nest…

It was the big day today. We took Cost Centre 2 to the train station and waved him off on the first leg of his journey to South East Asia. He was his usual relaxed self all day, right up to standing on the platform.

As he hugged each of us goodbye, he caught my eye and we both exchanged a teary-eyed look that said it all. I know he’s only away for three months, but I miss him already. I miss the noise, the mess, the trainers left all over the place. I miss his cheeky smile most of all.

I wonder how he’ll feel when he finds the letter I wrote to him, stowed in his hand luggage.

Well, there was only one thing to do once I got home, run. My hubby and Cost Centre 1 were enjoying teasing me for being weepy and I needed some space. Even though it was only 2 degrees C outside, I layered up and went for it. I came to the conclusion that running is a little like meditation. I don’t think about much else when I’m out, other than concentrating on my breathing. That’s pretty much what I do when I’m listening to Headspace.

Nature had a little treat in store for me. The dusk chorus. Blackbirds and Robins were singing their hearts out as I began the run. They were quiet on the way back but the owls weren’t. Several Twit-Twoos on the go at the same time. Lucky me. I may not stop being weepy any time soon but I will get fitter!

As for my nest, CC1 is a regular visitor from University, and with CC2 due back in May, I guess I’ll be the proud owner of a pair of Free-range Adults!

Happy Monday xx

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