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Tempty Nest, Day 1

I love the new term for my nest, where the free-range adults come and go. Wakinguponthewrongsideof50 coined the phrase for me, a temporarily empty nest.

I have to confess to much eye-leakage this morning as I watched my son’s plane take off via my flight tracker. As soon as it left UK airspace, the floodgates opened. Just as well I remembered to stock up on the tissues. With a deep breath, I gathered myself back together and set about cleaning his room. Wow! Do I call in the HAZMAT team or do I don a pair of extra-strong Marigolds (washing up gloves) and woman up for the task ahead?

Gloves it is then! The amount of laundry he seems to have generated, even though I did six loads this weekend, is never-ending. In fact it appears to defy the laws of physics. How can so much come out of one wardrobe and one chest of drawers? I had thought my electricity bills would decrease a bit, but I guess the non-stop washing marathon has put paid to that.

The next big task will be to demolish Mount Ironing Pile. Now that most of it is ready for flattening, it’s not so much a Mountain, as a huge range of mountains! I’m going to need to do this is small chunks otherwise my knees will lock!

We did consult with our son, before he left, on replacement furniture. I like his choices. he has a good eye for design. However, in order to show off the new stuff to it’s best, I’ll need to repaint the walls, and deep-clean the carpet! I might just be done the week before he is due back!

Have a top Tuesday everyone xx

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