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Things that pop up during the day…

“Acceptance doesn’t mean to sit back and do nothing. It means having the clarity of mind to know when to let go… and when to act.” – Headspace thoughtful moment. This little bit of daily encouragement popped up just as I was leaving the house for a run.

The running app popped up with an award as I reached the end of the session. And more things have popped up since my last run. Two pale cream hellebores and some African marigolds. I’ve no idea why the marigolds are blooming this early. They don’t seem to have been affected by our recent sub-zero temperatures. They must be hardier that they look.

I’m always amazed what pops into my head when running! I now view my training sessions as meditations. I bet there’s a Headspace session for running… must have a look….

Happy Friday xx

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