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Going from strength to strength

I amazed myself today. I went off on week 5, day 1 training session and managed to complete it without getting out of breath! I even managed to inspire an overweight cream pug, out for his evening walk with his mum, to walk faster than mum thought he could. He’s got such a cute face, I can never resist giving him a little love when I see him. Now I have a fan and he wants to follow me up the village. I did say to mum that she was more than welcome to join me. She said she didn’t think she could run, to which I replied “You didn’t think Gordon was up for a fast walk but look at his little legs going like the clappers. You never know what you’re capable of until you give it a go.”

Further along the route, another villager commented that he wished he could run like me (What? Who? Me?). Oo! I’m taking that as a compliment. By the time I was on my own again, I’d completed half the session without really noticing it. I turned for home just as the heavens opened! Wonderful! Nature has seen fit to provide me with a nice cooling shower, but I wasn’t wearing my running jacket.

Ah well. Maybe this will do my muscles the power of good. This could be my equivalent of the post-run ice bath. I guess I will find out tomorrow morning. I do know one thing already. The weather helped me move faster than I thought I could. I shaved a whole minute per kilometre off my best pace so far! Who knew downpours could be so motivating?!

Have a motivational Monday whatever you are up to dear readers. xx

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