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Spring may not have sprung yet, but the sap is definitely rising!

All through the winter large numbers of blackbirds and robins (males and females) have flocked to my garden in search of a free meal. Every morning, as I sit at my breakfast bar, coffee to hand, I watch them queueing up, chitter-chattering, preening and generally chilling out as they munch their way through seed & nut mix and fat balls.

This week, something has flipped a switch in the bird brains. The pleasant chit-chat has been replaced with screeching, fierce pecking, feathers flying, and a new pecking order. Each species seems to have declared open war. The male Robins are the most quarrelsome, with the female Blackbirds running a close second. The noise sets my pup off whining and barking excitedly.

Every single bird is twitterpated! Disney paints a fluffy and cute picture of this time of year. Nature is not so fussed about PR. I think I prefer the Bambi version!

Enjoy xx


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