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My arms have shrunk… #SoCS

Test de vue et loupe

Damn and blast! My eyesight has outgrown the length of my arms! I try hard not to wear glasses unless I have to. Vanity, thy name is Cath!

I carry a pair in my handbag in case I need to read something and can’t enlarge the text. I am forever losing them off the top of my head where I park them when I don’t need them. I have dropped them repeatedly on the hard tiled kitchen floor. The lenses survived but the frame was dented. I’ve also nearly dropped them down the loo! My Jedi reflexes saved them from an impromptu swim.

I’ve finally given in and been fitted for a pair of varifocals so no more sticking them on my head and forgetting about them! Once the eye exam was complete the optician dialed in the new lenses into the machine and placed a book in front of me. To my surprise I can now read the fine print.

I hope hubby likes them. It will be tough luck if he doesn’t. I’ve ordered a very purple frame with tiny little crystals embedded in the legs. Well, a girl has to have her sparkles.

I wonder how long it will take me to get used to keeping the blooming things on all the time? Will I be nodding up and down till I find the right bit of the lens to look through? Interesting times ahead I think.


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11 thoughts on “My arms have shrunk… #SoCS”

  1. Great post! I feel your pain.

    I have always worn contacts my whole life, but had to start using readers AND wearing contacts about 6 years ago. Then my eye doctor suggested I wear two different prescription contacts, one for near vision and one for far vision. I was skeptical, but tried it. I have been wearing them now for about 3 months and it is awesome! No more reading glasses.

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      1. Sorry to hear that. 😦 I would be devastated if I couldn’t wear contacts. Prescription glasses just don’t seem to correct my vision as good as contacts do. And I can’t seem to get used to progressives. So I’ll wear contacts as long as I can … though they certainly are getting to where they bother me more and more. Darn allergies!


      2. It’s so annoying but hey, no point in getting too wound up about it. It is what it is… 🙂 Only a few more hours to go before I get my new, sparkly glasses. Have you tried eye moisturisers for lens wearers? My daughter has hayfever, wears contacts, and swears by them for keeping her eyes happy during the sneezy season.

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      3. That’s true! I try not to get worked up about things. Life’s too short and, for the most part, most things are aren’t worth the expenditure of energy.

        I keep lens rewetting solution with me at all times. It’s just this time of year when Spring makes her debut and fills the air with pollen, mold, fungus, and who knows what else, my eyes get irritated and suddenly view my contacts as some sort of debris that needs to be gotten rid of. So I just wear glasses for awhile until allergy season is over. 🙂

        I sure hope you enjoy your sparkly new glasses!

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  2. I’ve been wearing glasses from the moment I wake up till the moment I go to bed since I was 10. Last week, it became apparent that I now need bifocals. Ugh. I’m only 46, for crying out loud!

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    1. I feel your pain. The one saving grace is that the lens technology is so cool these days, it’s hard to see the change between the reading lens and the rest… so I’m told. I’ll know tomorrow when I collect mine 😊

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