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Everything looks wibbly-wobbly!

Hooray! My new glasses are here. No more parking them on my head and losing them. Instead, I am trying to get used to keeping them on all the time. I wasn’t brave enough to wear them while driving home. I thought it would be a safer idea to get my bearings at home. Just as well, given how much nodding my head is doing, trying to work out the best bit to look through.

I feel as if I’m in a huge aquarium. When I turn to the side things just go, for want of a better expression, wibbly-wobbly. At least I have previous experience and know this stage will settle down. I also walked out of the opticians shop without incident. The first time I tried varifocals, I fell off a step… the ground wasn’t where I thought it was!

An additional bit of good news is hubby likes my new eyewear. He thinks the sunglasses will look good when I get to drive his car with the roof down… very Audrey Hepburn. Roll on decent weather😎

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