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A beautiful mind – #One-liner Wednesday

Stephen Hawking Quote

I love nothing better than to sit in my garden at night-time, staring up at the stars and letting my mind wander as far as it likes. Following a solar storm last week we in the north of the UK are likely so see the Aurora Borealis tonight. I really hope I see it. I can’t think of a wonderful way for the universe to say goodnight to Stephen Hawking.

Today’s one-liner Wednesday comes from Linda G Hill’s prompt. Pop over and say hi and join in the fun.

6 thoughts on “A beautiful mind – #One-liner Wednesday”

    1. It is indeed. Even though I was a biologist, physics would make a regular appearance in my day to day work. I was so intrigued by his theories that I bought “A Brief History of Time”… and even attempted to read it!

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      1. I was a chemistry major. I used to say that biology was applied chemistry. A friend who was a physics major would add that chemistry was applied physics.


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