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Couch to 5K Challenge – final week

Well here it is at last, the final week of my Couch-to-5k challenge. The weather is doing its level best to thwart me by dumping snow and ice in my path. I will not be stopped! Well, that’s not strictly true… I may be stopped if a blizzard appears. Determined I may be, but daft I most certainly am not!

That said, a blizzard does not look likely this afternoon, and most of the weekend snow has melted, or been blown into the next county! The lunchtime dog walk was a good test of the expected conditions for my run. Blooming freezing easterly winds! Looks like I will need to layer up from head to foot.

Actually, I can’t wait to go out. I have new kit to test out. A bright pink, wind-proof running jacket complete with rear blinking red LED, and long, charcoal, thermal running tights. The combination will turn me into a Liquorice Allsort sweet!

Liquorice Allsort

7 thoughts on “Couch to 5K Challenge – final week”

  1. I do admire you for braving the weather. There was a time when wind, rain or shine never stopped me. But I never had to face snow! Even in cold weather I’d run without fleece or jacket as after 10 minutes the exercised warmed me up. Now I


    1. Hehe… no worries. Happens to me all the time with texts.
      It was dry and windy this evening. That windchill brought the temperature to just below zero. I had more layers than an onion! Roll on Spring and warmer temperatures ☀️

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  2. The combination will turn me into a Liquorice Allsort sweet! – I can just see you now! Hahaha. I actually got off my rump, and went for a lovely walk this morning! We just moved to Bend, OR and we have such an amazing neighborhood. It was cold (not your kind of cold) but low 30’s with no breeze (or I would have gone home)

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