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Reaching my first century!

What a pleasant surprise I had today. Half way through a very dull piece of work I heard a “ping” on my apple watch. I know I should have ignored it but the only notification that goes “ping” in this particular way is WordPress. I can’t resist having a sneaky peak to see what it is.

Do I have a new post like?

Has someone left me a comment or liked one of mine?

Or do I have a new follower?

Today I reached my first century for followers. New blogger (well newer than me!) Sarahbeth26 became my 100th follower. I’d love to say there was a prize for being the 100th follower, but sadly, you just get more of my witterings!

And to the other 99 of you, I extend my sincerest thanks for your follows.

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone xx

6 thoughts on “Reaching my first century!”

      1. It’s slow and steady at first. I joined in with One-liner Wednesday and Stream of Consciousness Saturday, both hosted by Linda G Hill. Helps get your writing noticed. πŸ˜‰


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