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Celebrating one year with Pup!

It’s a whole year since Molly joined our family. Although the title says ‘celebrating’ it would probably be more accurate to say ‘surviving’.

It is almost impossible to go through a day without muttering the words “That damned dog!”

How can something so cute and fluffy, turn into the female equivalent of Marley, from Marley and Me?

The wildlife in our back garden is terrified to show a feather for fear of being captured and played with. Her reign of terror is not just limited to defenceless birds, it even extends to the plant life. Sunday afternoon I caught her playing tug-o-war with a quince bush. This particular bush is armed with inch-long thorns for heaven’s sake. Undaunted, she stripped the thorns and leaf buds with her teeth, spat them out, before continuing her game.

If plants and birds are not to paw, she will find entertainment elsewhere. This morning after breakfast, she appeared in my office wearing a grin! My first thought was not “Aw, how cute!”. It was more along the lines of “Oh hell! What has she got in her mouth this time?”

Sensing her game may be up, Molly rocketed round the house, maniacal grin in place, with me trying to tempt her back with a multitude of tasty morsels. Eventually I cornered her, prized open her jaws and discovered the source of her grin.

A few years ago I developed bruxism (thanks for that, menopause) and have to wear a mouth guard to stop my teeth from breaking each other as I clench when I sleep. Every morning I clean it when I brush my teeth, and place it in a safe place to allow it to air dry, ready for the next use. Small they may be, but cheap they ain’t.

Molly was wearing my mouth guard, hence the grin! I have no idea how she got it as she would need opposable thumbs to get to it!

“Aargh! Damned dog!”

Fortunately she didn’t chew it. However, it is now having a bath in some sterilizing fluid!

And where was Molly’s favourite chew toy? Abandoned outside in the back garden, underneath a tree.

Does anyone know how long the daft pup stage lasts in labradors? Do they ever grow up? Or, like Marley, do they simply become larger versions of their pup selves?

One thing is for sure, life is never dull round here!

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