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The best laid plans…

With the prospect of four days back to back, away from the daily grind, hubby and I had lots of plans, mostly involving being outside gardening.

The weather had other plans. I can’t remember a more wet, cold, and depressing Easter. Still, every cloud has a silver lining. I’ve been putting off redecorating Cost Centre 2’s bedroom while he’s been off on his travels. The soggy outside conditions prompted me to move my activities indoors… I got a far as buying paint! Then a dose of the ‘mehs’ struck again. Fortunately they were nipped in the bud when CC2 FaceTimed us to let us know that he is heading home at the beginning of May.

All hands on deck!

Out came the paint brushes, rollers and dust sheets. Over the super-long weekend we have repainted the entire room, cleaned the carpet, and bought new furniture. He will have a lovely room to come home to.

One last task remained. The wardrobe and chest of drawers (which used to fold into a baby changing table) had to go. But what to do with them. Nobody else wanted them. I couldn’t bear to see them broken into kindling. Nothing else for it but to take them to the household recycling site.

With a Harvey heart, we loaded them into my car and drove to the tip. I was unusually quiet on the way. I felt that if I started to speak, I’d probably start to cry. Instead, I drove tight-lipped and contemplative.

I’m pleased to report that the furniture has been put to good use. The site workers looked at the items and decided they would be ideal for the Upcycling Unit. They will be given a new lease of life, providing some lovely children’s furniture for someone else.

Patting each piece, I said my goodbyes and thanks, turned away and got back in my car. Again, silent tears slid down my face as I mentally waved goodbye the last reminders of my children’s childhood. The weather joined in as the heavens opened, flooding the roads.

All I can say is “Hurry up Spring. I’m getting too maudlin in this relentless dreary Winter!”

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