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Every morning, while having my first coffee of the day, I have a little ritual I run through to set up my day.

With the help of my rose quartz pendulum, I select an Angel Oracle Card to be my guiding principle for the day.

Next comes the choice of crystals to carry with me.

And finally I write up my Daily Greatness Journal, completing the intentions and inspired actions.

This morning was a little different. My daughter is home from university at the moment and she uses Earth Magic oracle cards. The card she chose for me was the Dragonfly. It’s such a beautiful image of a nature goddess emerging from the water, crowned with flowers, surrounded by dragonflies. Everything is vibrant.

According to the card I am emerging into the next cycle of my life. Well that would be my move from Mother to Crone. It goes on to inform me that this process is happening much more quickly than I have ever experienced change before, relentless. Yup! Most of the time these changes scare the crap out of me. Thank you for that, menopause.

The advice is to shed my ego-defences, sparkle, go with the flow, and gracefully (how the heck do I pull off graceful while scared?) move into the crone phase of my life.

If I come out looking a pretty as the dragonfly it will be worth it. Now where did I put my iridescent blue and green paints?

Wishing you all a magical Monday xx

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