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New Moon Monday

Night sky praise

My knowledge of astrology is limited to knowing the signs of the zodiac and nothing more. Today it’s a new moon. For me, this means, weather permitting, I can sit outside after sunset, and watch the night sky come to life.

I am fortunate to live out in the countryside, with very little light pollution. Even our streetlights only beam light downwards in a focussed beam, unlike the old sodium street lighting.

I have no idea which constellations are visible in the northern hemisphere at the moment. Apart from the well-known constellations, I’m not much of an astronomer either. But I don’t care. I’m happy making up new names from the shapes I see, kinda like a cosmic ink blot test. It will keep me amused for a few hours and hopefully relax my brain enough to get a rest from the joys of menopausal anxiety.

I don’t mind feeling anxious if I have a solid reason for it. I can do something about it. But random anxiety for no perceivable reason really gets on my nerves! I’m getting on my own nerves! Even Headspace (my go to app for destressing) is not helping today.

Maybe there’s more to this new moon than I realise, and I’m sensitive to the changes in nature but no clue how to interpret them, so my body and mind go into panic mode. Who knows. I certainly don’t.

In the meantime, I shall take advantage of the moonless night, and gaze at the heavens. I might even see a Pipistrelle bat or two emerging from hibernation.

Happy Monday everyone xx

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