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One swallow does not a summer make!

birds on a background of sunrise

… but I saw two! Does this mean we are heading into summer at last, after such a long, cold, wet winter?

Yesterday in the UK the sun has finally popped out to say “Hello”. It was so warm that I had to ditch running tights in favour of shorts. Argh! I wasn’t prepared to bare the legs. They’re still in winter mode (AKA I haven’t bothered to book in for waxing). That said, comfort won out and I headed off in running shorts.

It’s amazing what a blink of sunshine does to banish the winter blues. I felt I could have run for much longer and my pace was effortlessly faster than usual. At the end of my run I usually walk for around 5 minutes before stretching out. My walk took me past some stables, and that’s when I spotted a swallow. Not just one, but two. And then I heard another sign of spring, a cuckoo!

I think it’s safe to say spring/summer has finally arrived. I’d better book in with my beauty therapist for some timely leg deforestation!

Wishing you all a fab Thursday.#

Cath xx


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