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So much to do, so little time! One-liner Wednesday

Always busy at work

Life has a knack of getting in the way of some quality writing time. My poor keyboard has been abandoned over the past four days.


Keyboard winks into life as I open my iPad but is sadly disappointed when all I do is look up how to install a garden lighting spike that turns on lights at dusk and off again at dawn. I spend the rest of the day in the garden, and afterwards am too tired to think about the word ‘spoke’ and Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday – I missed it.


Keyboard winks into life again, ever hopeful, but this time I look up the readings for Church to make sure I don’t have any unusual names or places to pronounce during mass readings. It’s my turn to do the readings this Sunday. The rest of the day is spent in the nearby garden center, choosing new plants for a very sunny bed and sandy soil or engaged in serious garden maintenance. By evening, I am so stiff and filthy the only thing I can face is a long soak in the bath. Sorry keyboard. Maybe tomorrow.


Keyboard risks a little light flashing as if to remind me it still works but I don’t even go near it. Today is a paid work day and this must take priority I explain to it. The light stops winking. I begin to imagine it’s sulking, lying on the breakfast bar untouched. Monday was so determined to live down to its image as then worst day of the week, I just couldn’t face writing after work.


Not content with wreaking havoc yesterday, Monday sneaked into Tuesday and continued with a steady stream of crap to deal with. Power outages. Trying to reset the clocks (need a degree in engineering). Trying to persuade an unhappy printer that it can see the network and is not off-line! My wi-fi speakers stopped talking to the app and to cap it all, the family computer decided to throw a hissy fit over another item on the network having the same IP address. Its snarky message implied it was all my fault! Hey! Who’s the mistress around here? Any more of that nonsense and I’ll disconnect you permanently… with a hammer!

With all this going on, the keyboard didn’t even bother to wink its light at me. I’d better feed it new batteries and give it a dusting before attempting to write today.

Today’s not-exactly-one-liner Wednesday was prompted by a sad-looking keyboard and Linda G Hill’s weekly fun. Guidelines for participation are here.

One Liner Wednesday

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