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Weed and feed

After such a wonderful weekend it was hard to go back to adulting and earning a crust. I’d much rather have been wandering through the parks in London, or better still, the grounds of Hogwarts.

The working day moved along at worse than snails pace. The second the end of work arrived, I logged off and was found minutes later in my yoga kit, working my way through a new kundalini program for the lower chakras. Mine have been feeling a little sluggish lately. This was just the tonic to get things moving again.

I guess at this point, you’re wondering where the weed a feed fits it. Well here it comes.

Having reenergised my body I was not in the mood to chill out. Far from it. My front garden was in need of its first weed of the season. Our short burst of warm weather coupled with all the rain, meant that my front borders were ankle deep in weeds.

Changing from yoga kit to tatty old jeans and a jumper, I spent the last hour and a half weeding the entire front garden. I wasn’t alone for long. I’d barely moved the first hand-fork of soil when I was aware of being watched. Not one but two sets of beady eyes were watching my every move. Without the merest hint of fear, two male robins joined me. I’d dig up a weed and bash the soil and they’d take it in turns to harvest the bugs and worms I unearthed.

Keeping as still as possible, hardly daring to breathe, I placed a few choice grubs next to me.

Bob bob. Sizes me up.

Bob bob bob. Stops and eyes up grubs.

Bob bob. Checks me again.

Stands a couple of inches from my knees and helps self to my offerings.

What a privilege it was to be trusted by two tiny feathered friends. I dare say I’d have got the job done quicker if I hadn’t had their company. But then the job would not have been nearly as pleasant.

Happy Monday my lovely readers xx

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