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Hair cut or hot tub?

Yesterday was the day of the big dilemma brought about by a diary clash, a much overdue hair cut up against our new hot tub being ready for its inaugural dip. What was a girl to do?

I’ll tell you.

She went off to the hair dresser as normal. Had a wonderful haircut. She can now see out of her side fringe again. The hairdresser chattered about the usual stuff. Holidays planned, weekend fun etc. The  hair looked amazing by the time the appointment was over. She just didn’t have to heart to tell her hairdresser that in about three hours time, all that straightening and curling would be undone. Feeling guilty, she left a bigger tip than usual.

As the sun set, she took one last look in the mirror at her beautifully coiffeured hair, changed into her new swimming costume and headed out to the tub.

Goodbye pretty hair.

Hello jets and bubbles, relaxation, star-gazing, and swooping bats!

Today I have to report I slept very soundly last night, not a thing that comes easily to this post-menopausal woman! My achy shoulders and neck feel strangely relaxed and mobile. My shoulders have finally sunk back into position instead of lurking just under my ears.


If I don’t write anything over the next few days it’s because I haven’t worked out how to keep my iPad dry and enjoy a soak at the same time. If I’m not back by Monday, please send a life guard to fish me out.

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