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Hot tub does not equal hot flush/flash!

Over the past four days I have conducted several experiments to determine whether owning and using a hot tub would have a detrimental effect on menopausal symptoms. Yes indeed, I was prepared to experiment on myself. It was a tough job but one I was happy to undertake.

After much floating and bobbing around in slightly warmer than body heat bubbly water, I can report zero hot flushes/flashes. Not one single one over the entire experiment! Amazing, considering the UK has just experienced its hottest early May public holiday with temperatures reaching 27.5 degrees celsius (81.5 deg F) according to my garden weather station. Such conditions were surely a torture-test for my experiment.

I wonder what is going on here? Is it possible that the more relaxed and chilled out I feel, the less likely I am to experience pesky hot moments? Is it all centered around being immersed in bubbly water or does the glorious weather add to the overall lack of sweaty outbreaks?

I feel another experiment coming on. In the meantime, I feel the need to take my yoga mat outside and practice some sun salutations while I still have some sun to salute.


Cath xx

Here’s the view from my yoga mat. Pretty!

1 thought on “Hot tub does not equal hot flush/flash!”

  1. As a Brit living in Oz, I wonder if that is why so many have one in the back garden! Maybe they have a secret cure we don’t know about😊. Glad you enjoyed it and the glorious weather. Xx

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