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Life lessons from my pup

Molly on her best behaviour!

It’s over a year since my pup joined our family and what a year it’s been. To sum it up, Molly is a furry wrecking ball.

Today, while striding across the field for walkies, Molly racing around like the proverbial headless chicken, I was struck with how simple her approach to life seems to be. Her requirements are few. Apart from the obvious needs, here is her list as I see it. Things need to fall into the following categories –

  1. Is it fun?
  2. Is it edible?
  3. Can I rag it to pieces?
  4. Can I hump it? (Yes I know she’s a girl but that hasn’t held her back on the leg humping front!)

If a thing can satisfy any or all of the above criteria she’s a happy pooch. If a thing does not fit, she does not waste time trying to make it fit her needs, she pretty much ‘marks’ it (you know what I mean… yuck!) and walks away. She doesn’t waste emotions on regret that the thing could not be made to fit her needs. She gives not one jot!

Maybe the reason Molly has joined my family is to show me a better approach to post-menopausal life. I may have to adapt some of her criteria, especially number 4, but I like her attitude of chosing the things that make her happy and walking away from stuff she doesn’t need in her life, without the slightest regret.

Good puppy!

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