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The calm before a potential storm…

Good morning! I just thought I’d give you a little heads-up on the next three days…

My parents are coming to visit.

“No big deal.” you might say, or “How nice for you.”

The thing is, for me, this is a big deal and it may not be nice. It largely depends on how my mother behaves towards me and whether or not my dad is in ‘grumpy old man’ mode.

Today I am practicing every coping strategy I have learned over the years of therapy, therapy I needed following being parented by a mum with narcissistic tendencies and a dad who stood by and watched it all happen.

I’ll be off the grid until Sunday evening, when I hope I have nothing more to write about than a pleasant weekend.

In the meantime, my shields are set to maximum strength.

Live long and prosper my lovely readers.

Cath xx


2 thoughts on “The calm before a potential storm…”

  1. Good Luck! I know the feeling. Mine come for three months of the year !! Red wine at the end of the day is my friend 😉

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