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It’s not often I am lost for words. Ask my family. Speechless is a very rare condition for me. That said, I am.

As you know, I was bracing myself for a weekend of parents visiting. From experience, I was in for a whole weekend of my parenting skills being called into question, my drinking habits being scrutinised, all rounded off with some comment on my body shape and/or weight.


Not even the merest hint of a snide comment or disapproving sniff.

In fact Mum was positively positive for a change.


I’m sure my speechlessness is only temporary. I’m now off on business travels to Munich this week so please excuse my absence.

I’ll be back on Friday, just in time for a long weekend.

Wishing you all a fab Tuesday.

Cath xx

1 thought on “Speechless…”

  1. Well I am speechless for you because I have those parents so a fantastic result that won’t interfere with Munich ! Enjoy the trip 😊


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